Trump, Healthcare and Effeminate Jeff Sessions

This is a far-ranging podcast about current events, Jeff Sessions, health care and Conan The Barbarian.

4 thoughts on “Trump, Healthcare and Effeminate Jeff Sessions”

  1. The latest attempt to slay the Obamacare beast may, however, backfire on the Trump administration. Polls show that health care is voters’ top concern as they think toward House and Senate races in November. A recent poll found that 22% of voters rank health care over all other issues, with the economy and jobs in second place at 19%. Among Democrats, health care is the priority of 32% of likely voters; well ahead of the second-place issue (guns). Intervening to drive more stakes through the ACA’s heart is unlikely to be a winning strategy for the Republican Party. Perhaps recognising these electoral risks, the administration is asking the courts to wait until January to declare the individual mandate and other purportedly inseverable provisions unconstitutional. But the brief is out there now, and Democrats have the summer and autumn to tell voters how the Trump administration is just getting started in its efforts to dismantle Americans health-care protections. This may be the nicest thing Jeff Sessions has done for Democrats in a long time.

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