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I came back form an amazing trip to Italy. While I had a blast, it reminded me why I love America (your experience may vary). We also analyze the latest move by Donald Trump to lob a few half-assed cruise missiles at Syria (hint, it’s a bunch of bullshit).


PODCAST 29: 9/5/16 – UK and Fat Smokers

This fun podcast covers ghost peppers and fat people. The the UK health ministry attempted to ban fat people and smokers from elective surgery, we discuss at length. We also bash “Mother” now Saint Teresa.” We also name Rick, Doctor Yolo.

Check Out Last Two Podcasts — You Might Have Missed Them

The last two podcasts hosted on Armchair Blasphemy have been extra long and filled with profanity.

The first one: Living in a work-a-day world goes in depth on our collective work malaise.

The second one: Posted today, this podcast covers the massive news last week about gay marriage, Bristol Palin and the Confederate flag.

We’re up to our fifteenth podcast.  As we do them, I think they get more relevant.  Join us and don’t forget to subscribe!


Podcast 12, Picking Presidents and the Dugger Drama

This week’s podcast was particularly fun, with Edwin, Rick and RobRoy sitting down to talk the presidential contest and then discussing the Josh Dugger scandal.  For a preview of the issue with the Dugger’s check out this piece in Slate and then listen:

Listen to the whole podcast here

There is a lot of interesting stuff going in with religion, hypocrisy and social issues in America– check out my latest on Salon for a taste.  You can be sure we’ll be chatting up these issues again soon.

Podcast 8 – 4/14/2015: Country music, legal weed and prison reform

Our latest podcast has been added. Check us out. Lots of discussion this week on legal weed, country music, prison reform and lots of shit.  It may be a meandering discussion, but there’s lots to love.

Indiana Signs Historic Gay Discrimination Law! (alternative title: Delvers prepare for the Lair of the Undead Lich)

Indiana Signs Historic Gay Discrimination Law! (alternative title: Delvers prepare for the Lair of the Undead Lich)

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i can’t decide if i’m more troubled by the dwarven catholics or the giant hat wearing bro. this looks more like a dungeon crawling party for an RPG than a gay – hate law celebration. this is the sadly historic signing of a “go ahead an discriminate against the gays law in Indiana with Governor Pence. Signed in 2015. I know, I know. a law signing like this REALLY should be in black and white, and shot with a Civil War era camera.

Jim! do you have “Heal Wounds” memorized? we need GREATER and LESSER, this time Jim! remember how you fucked us back in Azimgroth’s Lair. We do not need another Azimgroth, Jim. And Mary, go ahead and bless all the fighter’s melee weapons with Meale’s Angry Eye, we are gonna need the pluses versus undead down there. Governor Pence, as soon as you sign state supported GayHate Bill #1, lets get lined up for the advance, tanks in front, healers in the middle, archers and mages in the rear!

Podcast #6: Phil Robertson is the Worst

This week, Edwin, Rick and RobRoy talk about the latest Duck Dynasty scandal, as Phil Robertson says some of the worst comments ever uttered by an american extremist. Tune in.


Podcast 1: Discussion of “atheist” shooting of three Muslims in NC

On this week’s podcast, Edwin, Rick and RobRoy discuss the atheist shooting of three Muslims.  What does this troubling example have to say about the state of the secular community?

Tennessee state Rep. James VanHuss (R) wants to change the state’s constitution so that it includes the phrase: “We recognize that our liberties do not come from governments, but from Almighty God, our Creator and Savior,”

I feel like he should re-word it just slightly, and endorse the Southern Baptist version of Christianity as the Official State Religion of Tennessee.