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Too Connected? Too Bad!

My old phone broke a few weeks ago. It was a flip phone, which I had specifically sought out so I could keep it easily in my pocket without accidentally dialing anyone and some other logical reasons I’d worked out, but now forget. It had been going for a couple of months. The hinge had a crack and gave an ominous whine every time it was opened. In its normal state, the phone was built to withstand heavy-duty impacts and had survived countless gravity-induced collisions—until it didn’t.

So, a new phone was needed. I walked into my provider’s store, with the single goal of getting a similar phone. I walked out, almost 90 minutes later, with a smartphone. I’m still not certain how I got sucked into the time-space-vortex where Troy (the salesman) was able to push a smartphone into my hands, but there it was, new and shiny and all excited to belong to me. Continue reading Too Connected? Too Bad!