Podcast #6: Phil Robertson is the Worst

This week, Edwin, Rick and RobRoy talk about the latest Duck Dynasty scandal, as Phil Robertson says some of the worst comments ever uttered by an american extremist. Tune in.


3 thoughts on “Podcast #6: Phil Robertson is the Worst”

  1. I have this theory about this guy, that much of what he says is more about “staying in character” than about this man behind the “reality” TV character actually trying to spread his word. He’s an actor in all the same sense that a WWF wrestler is an actor. Each prayer is a prayer to the almighty dollar and each showing of faith is showing his TV audience more than it’s showing his lord, even if his lord did exist. It’s also my understanding that God doesn’t really like that sort of showmanship.

    The other scary side of my theory is that this means that people WANT to hear the message he was delivering. And indeed, they do want to hear the tales of the nasty old atheists getting their just deserts. For as much as we are supposedly getting ours in the after life. There’s hundreds of stories shared that all follow that same formula.

    Some atheist is doing atheist things, like kicking puppies, bullying innocent little Christians or bragging about how great it is to not be held down by god. Then God, jesus, or a good christian comes along, kicks said atheist in the nuts or the atheist has a religious epiphany and turns into a good christian, just before they WOULD have done something to get them horribly injured, but god stops them. In the end, the atheist converts, dies, or lives on in shame and everyone gets together for a celebratory circle jerk in Jesus’ name.

    The circle jerk at the end of this man’s story is that every one comes along and watches his show and makes him even more millions, whether he believes his own tripe or not.

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