Too Connected? Too Bad!

My old phone broke a few weeks ago. It was a flip phone, which I had specifically sought out so I could keep it easily in my pocket without accidentally dialing anyone and some other logical reasons I’d worked out, but now forget. It had been going for a couple of months. The hinge had a crack and gave an ominous whine every time it was opened. In its normal state, the phone was built to withstand heavy-duty impacts and had survived countless gravity-induced collisions—until it didn’t.

So, a new phone was needed. I walked into my provider’s store, with the single goal of getting a similar phone. I walked out, almost 90 minutes later, with a smartphone. I’m still not certain how I got sucked into the time-space-vortex where Troy (the salesman) was able to push a smartphone into my hands, but there it was, new and shiny and all excited to belong to me. Continue reading Too Connected? Too Bad!

Podcast and Blog Kickoff

Welcome!  This web site is formerly the Armchair Blasphemy blog of Edwin Lyngar.  The site has been expanded to add new contributors and an exciting new podcasting function.

We will re-post “the best of Armchair Blasphemy” from the previous iteration of the blog, but we’ll also create regular commentary, links and podcasts going forward.  Subscribe on the right via RSS and follow along for the latest.