Indiana Signs Historic Gay Discrimination Law! (alternative title: Delvers prepare for the Lair of the Undead Lich)

Indiana Signs Historic Gay Discrimination Law! (alternative title: Delvers prepare for the Lair of the Undead Lich)

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i can’t decide if i’m more troubled by the dwarven catholics or the giant hat wearing bro. this looks more like a dungeon crawling party for an RPG than a gay – hate law celebration. this is the sadly historic signing of a “go ahead an discriminate against the gays law in Indiana with Governor Pence. Signed in 2015. I know, I know. a law signing like this REALLY should be in black and white, and shot with a Civil War era camera.

Jim! do you have “Heal Wounds” memorized? we need GREATER and LESSER, this time Jim! remember how you fucked us back in Azimgroth’s Lair. We do not need another Azimgroth, Jim. And Mary, go ahead and bless all the fighter’s melee weapons with Meale’s Angry Eye, we are gonna need the pluses versus undead down there. Governor Pence, as soon as you sign state supported GayHate Bill #1, lets get lined up for the advance, tanks in front, healers in the middle, archers and mages in the rear!

Podcast #6: Phil Robertson is the Worst

This week, Edwin, Rick and RobRoy talk about the latest Duck Dynasty scandal, as Phil Robertson says some of the worst comments ever uttered by an american extremist. Tune in.


Phil Robertson is a Rapist

This links to a speech by Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame that is the most offensive thing I have ever heard in my life.  In it, he engages in a fantasy rape and murder of a family of atheists, including the rape, it seems, of little girls.

Phil: Wanna be rapist and murder.  Also a good duck hunter.
Phil: Wanna be rapist and murder. Also a good duck hunter.

This leads me to only one conclusion.  Phil’s Christian faith is the only thing stopping him from being an enthusiastic rapist and serial killer.  Therefore, I am very glad this unapologetic rapist stays within his religious tradition or who knows what he is capable of doing.

This kind of language and outright villainy has no place in a polite society.  We can disagree about issues, be they religion or political, without a rhetorical rape and murder of people with whom you disagree.

In the same series of remarks, he also compares all liberals to Satan, equating modern progressives with Hitler.  He apparently is unaware that whoever references Hitler first, loses.

This vile filth is nothing short of breathtaking.  The fact that Phil still has an audience and “fans” proves that god can’t possibly exist.


Podcast #5: On Useless Sports and Defending the DMV

On this week’s podcast, Edwin, RobRoy and Rich discuss the violence and uselessness of football and the problems inherent in the Department of Motor Vehicles.  Although the subjects seem totally unrelated, they blend together in a fun, thoughtful thirty minutes.

Podcast #4: Fox News: Manufactured Outrage and Outright Horseshit

On this week’s podcast, Edwin, Rick and RobRoy discuss the inexplicable popularity of Fox News and the difference between news and infotainment.  Also, they trio discuss the undercurrent of outrage present in the online libertarian community.

Podcast #3: Keep Religion Out of Public Schools – Podcast

This week’s podcast is a discussion of a recent editorial written by Edwin and published in the Reno Gazette Journal.  The piece dissects a particularly awful law being considered in the Nevada legislature that would privilege religion in public schools: